Brakes in Jacksonville, FL | Brake Repair

Get Expert Brake Service at Beaver Chevrolet

You depend on your brakes every time you get behind the wheel — they give you control and much needed stopping power. A quick brake inspection belongs on your car’s maintenance checklist.

Conventional wisdom says that you ought to have your brake pads replaced approximately every 50,000 miles. There are a few signs that your brakes might need service sooner, such as:

  • Grinding or squealing noises
  • Vibrations or pulsations when braking
  • Spongy or soft brake pedal
  • Alignment is off
  • Slow brake pedal response

Count on the skilled technicians in our service center to solve any problems you’re having with your brakes. Reach out to us if you have any questions, and give us a call or use the form to schedule your service appointment.