Bringing School Spirit To Englewood HS: Beaver Acts of Wow 14

When the Friday night lights illuminated at the Englewood High School football game, our crew from Beaver Chevrolet wanted to make sure to not only bring smiles, but the school spirit as well! That’s why for our random Acts of Wow #14 this week, we purchased $600 worth of Englewood HS school spirit shirts and handed them out to the fans sitting in the stands! Being that the game began later in the evening, Bucky Beaver was unable to attend due to the Beaver curfew, but could be found in his dam wearing an Englewood football shirt!

Thank you to everyone who stopped to take a picture with us and those who attended the game to support the Rams, especially Ms. Bravo and Ms. Bateh, for having us again!

“Stay strong boys, your family at Beaver Chevrolet are cheering you on from the dealership every Friday!” -Bucky Beaver

If you or someone you know is a teacher, let them know how much you care, by telling us how great they are, and they might get a chance to WIN A NEW CHEVROLET VEHICLE!

To view more pictures from random Acts of Wow #14 check out our Beaver Chevrolet Facebook page!

“We urge you to support your local high school football team this Friday night.” -Beaver Chevrolet Family

For a list of Duval high school football schedules click here!

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