What Are the Benefits of OEM Chevy Parts?

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If you’re in need of a replacement Chevy part, what should you choose for the best performance possible? While you may find off-brand or “aftermarket” parts online, Beaver Chevrolet believes that Chevrolet OEM parts are the best on the market today. These genuine Chevrolet parts are created by the “original equipment manufacturer,” or Chevy themselves. 

That means that you can count on your replacement Chevy parts performing exactly as intended with no surprises. Find out more about OEM vs. aftermarket parts, and get more service tips from Beaver Chevrolet today!

What Are Aftermarket Parts? 

Before we get into the benefits of Chevrolet OEM parts, let’s talk about aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are any replacement components or accessories that were not made by Chevrolet. Instead, these third-party components are created at a high volume to compete with genuine auto parts from a variety of manufacturers. 

While some Orange Park and Ponte Vedra drivers are tempted by the lower price points of aftermarket components, shoppers take a risk whenever they choose a third-party competitor. That’s because quality varies wildly between different companies, and there’s guarantee that the piece will fit correctly or perform correctly. Many don’t meet the strict quality standard of the manufacturer, which means they lack durability. Because of this, we don’t not think aftermarket parts are a good use of your money. 

Chevy OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts: What’s the Difference?

So, why choose Chevy parts made by Chevy? The quality is simply better. Here are some of the benefits to choosing genuine Chevrolet parts over the alternatives:

  • Manufacturer-Backed Quality: When you replace a worn component with an OEM part, you can have total confidence that your new part will perform just as well as the old part. There’s no need to worry that it won’t fit properly or cause damage like an aftermarket part could.
  • Less Overwhelming Selection: Shopping for aftermarket parts can be overwhelming. When you shop for Chevy OEM parts, you don’t need to compare different prices and reviews. You’ll simply pick up the auto part that your technician recommends.
  • Warranty Coverage: Chevy believes in the quality of OEM GM parts so much that most components are covered with a Limited Parts Warranty. And in fact, using aftermarket components can even void your warranty in many cases.

Shop Genuine Chevrolet OEM Parts Near Jacksonville Beach

Whether you’re in need of a replacement Chevy part or a genuine GM accessory, Beaver Chevrolet can help you bring out the very best in your car. Contact us with your questions about Chevrolet parts and service, or stop by our parts department in Jacksonville. Prefer to shop from home? Order parts online!


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