Premium vs. Regular Gas

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When you fill-up your vehicle at a Jacksonville gas station, you may have looked at the fuel options and wondered about the difference between premium and regular gas. Typically, there are a few options at a standard pump, so in the following guide we’ll explain what sets premium vs. regular gas apart. Read on below to learn more about fuel grades and determine what level you should be putting in your new Chevrolet or other vehicle!

Difference Between Premium and Regular Gas

When you select a fuel level at the pump, you’ll typically see numbers like 87, 89, 92, and/or 93. These numbers indicate the octane level. Octane level is the main difference between premium and regular gas, and your engine’s compression ratio determines what octane level you need. Here’s more about what that means for you as a Orange Park driver:

Regular Gas

Regular and mid-grade unleaded regular gas have an octane rating of 87 or 89. This is the most common type of fuel used in standard engines. This octane level supplies the correct amount of fuel for your engine to operate optimally, efficiently, and safely on Ponte Vedra roads.

Premium Gas

Premium gas is typically denoted by the 92 or 93 octane level. High-performance, hardworking engines with high compression ratios require premium gasoline to run properly. Some powerful engines like that in the new Chevy Malibu need premium gas for optimal function. The higher octane level prevents engine knocking. Engine knocking is a dangerous result from an uneven air and fuel mixture.

Choosing Between Premium vs. Regular Gas

Your Beaver Chevrolet dealership representative or your owner’s manual will tell you specifically what type of fuel you should fill your vehicle with at the pump. If regular unleaded gas is required, using premium gas will provide no benefit. However, if premium gas is required, it is important to use the correct fuel level to prevent engine knocking and promote effective operation and efficiency. If your vehicle simply recommends premium, it’s up to you depending on the type of driving you do around %target_city_3%%.

Learn More From Beaver Chevrolet

Our Beaver Chevrolet team is always here as a resource when it comes to any questions about your Chevrolet. Next time you’re at the fill station, you can refuel confidently now that you understand the difference between premium and regular gas. For more information about how to best care for your Chevrolet, contact us today!

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