Service Specials

While getting vehicle maintenance can be stressful, we at Beaver Chevrolet offer rotating tire coupons, brake service coupons, and even parts coupons to ensure it’s as painless as possible for Ponte Vedra drivers. Peruse our offers to save more on the services you need to keep your Chevy running strong. Learn more about our service, and even part, specials when you contact us or make the trip to our Beaver Chevrolet service center today!

We are currently updating our Service Specials. Please check back soon.

Why Routine Maintenance is Important?

If you don’t keep up with your vehicle’s routine maintenance you could cause damage to your vehicle. Not having the oil changed regularly could cause debris to get into the engine and if there isn’t enough, the engine components will have nothing to absorb the heat from the friction. So be sure to come in for:

  • Oil changes
  • Engine and battery checks
  • Tire rotations
  • Light inspections
  • And more!

Doing these things when noted in your model’s owner’s manual will help you keep your Chevy running right no matter where the roads take you. Learn more about how you can better care for your Chevy and more when you make the trip to our dealership or contact us. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is standing by to answer your questions and help you get the services, parts, savings, and more that you need.

Count on Beaver Chevrolet for Service Specials

It’s important to keep your vehicle in top shape, especially for those Orange Park adventures. Keep up with your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule and find the right service special or part coupon to help you save on regular maintenance and more at Beaver Chevrolet. Whether you need an oil change, brake repairs, transmission repairs or tire alignments, you can rest assured your vehicle is in good hands with us.