Chick-fil-A Lunch to Duval County Jail Employees: Beaver Acts of Wow 13

September 30th, 2019 by

Last week for our random Acts of Wow #13, Bucky Beaver seemed a little nervous when he found out we were on our way to the Pretrial Detention Facility/ Duval County Jail to feed 80 employees Chick-fil-A! However, after the staff scanned his certified Beaver swimming license and allowed him to come in and meet everyone, he quickly found out how nice the Correctional Officers were! Bucky could tell everyone had been working hard that day, and a hardy hot lunch would do just the trick! While employees lined up, our Beaver Chevrolet crew were able to serve each employee, as well as, share a few smiles and laughs. Bucky Beaver, once again stole the show as he walked around and captured pictures with his new friends! Thank you to everyone at the Pretrial Detention Facility/ Duval County Jail for sharing this moment with us, we appreciate everything you do for our community! If you or someone you know is law enforcement or first responder, let them know how much you care, by telling us how great they are, and they might get a chance to WIN A NEW CHEVROLET VEHICLE!

Our family at Beaver Chevrolet would like to give a special thanks to Lieutenant Keith, Sergeant Park, Sergeant Holderfield, Officer Gattlin & Chief Verwey, as well as, Chick-Fil-A who helped make this possible!

Shortly after we left, Bucky Beavers phone went off and it was a text from,

“Man o man, people are talking about it a lot here! They are really thankful for the food!” -Chief Verwey

Bucky also received a text message from,

“Everyone really appreciates the recognition of Corrections, as they’re not commonly recognized” Sgt Holderfield

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Acts of Wow #13 Beaver Chevrolet Jacksonville Florida

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