200 Jumbo Shrimp Baseball Tickets Giveaway: Beaver Acts of Wow 8

August 30th, 2019 by

Sunday, was definitely a fun day, as our Beaver Chevrolet crew could be found at the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp baseball game giving tickets away! Bucky Beaver was overjoyed at the fact that he was able to give away 200 tickets to unexpected families! Bucky loves receiving warm hugs and super-duper big high-fives, which seemed to come in abundance from so many wonderful families and friends. He couldn’t have been any happier! Thank you Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville for allowing our Beaver family to pass out tickets, and thank you families and friends for snapping a picture with us before the big game! We hope you enjoyed it! We sure did!

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Benefits Of Spending Time With The Family
• Creates A Sense Of Belonging
• Builds Self-Esteem
• Creates Bonds
• Nurtures Positive Behavior
• Creates Memories

Acts of Wow #8  Beaver Chevrolet Jacksonville FLorida

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