LA Fitness Gym Membership Giveaway: Beaver Acts of Wow 6

August 13th, 2019 by

Friday morning, Bucky Beaver came into the Chevrolet dealership super pumped about fulfilling our random Acts of Wow #6! Last week our crew loaded up the Suburban and headed out to several local L.A. Fitness gyms. L.A. Fitness was gracious enough to allow Bucky and the rest of our Beaver family to walk around and pay for all of their patrons’ gym memberships! We were not only able to reach out and serve hundreds of our local community members, but Bucky was able to partake in a little friendly competition. Throughout the day, Bucky Beaver could be seen lifting barbells, shooting basketballs, and participating in dumbbell, elliptical, and treadmill competitions! Needless to say, Bucky slept the whole car ride back to dealership!
Thank you again to each of the L.A. Fitness gyms that allowed this wonderful day to come to fruition. We’d also like to thank those patrons who took pictures with us, as well as, taught Bucky a little thing or two about working out! Our family at Beaver Chevrolet appreciate all of you!

To view more pictures from random Acts of Wow #6 check out our Beaver Chevrolet Facebook page!

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Acts of Wow #6 Chevrolet Dealership Jacksonville Florida

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