Turkeys for Hundreds of Families: Beaver Acts of Wow 16

November 18th, 2019 by

Thanksgiving is less than a week away. Many families have already purchased plane tickets to fly home, others have started marinating the turkey. To millions of Americans, Thanksgiving is a time to gather as a family and share a traditional meal. However, there are also millions of families without so much as cranberry sauce for the holiday. In order to bring the spirit of Thanksgiving into the homes of hundreds of Jacksonville’s less fortunate community members, Beaver Chevrolet teamed up with the Household of Faith Church. Beaver Chevrolet purchased $1,000 worth of turkeys that were passed out to the first 350 households at their Thanksgiving Giveaway!

Bucky Beaver was able to meet several of those who volunteered their time Saturday, November 16, to serving their community. What amazing people they are! This Acts of Wow experience is something that Bucky Beaver could only describe as humbling, as well as, eye opening. Witnessing the line of people that stretched around the once Winn-Dixie building, but now church, in 50 degree weather, was heart wrenching. The church and their unique way of reaching out to the community, brought out “The Jesus Bus” which not only played uplifting music for those waiting in line, but was also there for those who needed someone to talk to and pray with.

A few days prior to the Thanksgiving Giveaway at Household of Faith Church, Bucky was offered a tour of two of their churches. The tour was given by Ms. Bwana Pitts, their Community Outreach Specialist. After the tour was given of the two massive local churches, it was apparent how much this church does for and has to offer the community! Bucky learned that the Household of Faith Church provides 40 programs and Christian classes to educate their congregation, as well as, practical resources for the community. The practical resources include a gym, barbershop, daycare, and after school programs; all in house and free to the community! They even offer a camp called Camp Home, which is a Leadership Enrichment Summer Camp Program for youth 5 to 12 years. Their programs consist of Literacy, Leadership and Career Development, STEM/STEAM, Creative Dancing, Arts & Crafts, Computer Enrichment, Sports, and Camp T-Shirt.

Bucky Beaver cannot thank you all enough, the Household of Faith Church, Ms. Pitts and all of the volunteers, for everything you do in our community!


“Unlike most churches, providing those whom are less fortunate with a warm meal, is not just a holiday ordeal, but a WEEKLY commitment to the community! That’s right, every week Household of Faith Church collects food to feed hundreds of its community members!” -Bucky Beaver


From our family at Beaver Chevrolet to your family at Household of Faith Church, thank you for wowing us with your generosity! We are so thankful to be a part of something so wonderful!

If you or someone you know is a Local Wow Hero (friend, mother, church member) let them know how much you care, by telling us how great they are, and they might get a chance to WIN A NEW CHEVROLET VEHICLE!

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